I'm married to my best friend.  10 years to be exact. We're business partners, and I thank God every day that we have each other for all the adventures.
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Hunting Guide & Official Lunch Lady for Heart Spear Outfitters
Photographic Artist & Maker
Ranch Wife, Ranch Mom & Day working cowboy-girl

I'm so glad you're here!

Sagebrush nestled at the foot of the pines, with a good horse underneath me is somewhere I often find myself.  I don't mind it one bit. 
I love that first sip of coffee in the morning, & the end of the day when the shadows are long, & the suns headed over the horizon to warm the faces of people so far away. 
I had a Playskool camera when I was a little kid, I carried it on family trips to some of the most beautiful places. When I grew out of it, I received a film camera for my 10th birthday. Ecstatic is an under statement of how I felt. 
Creating captivating and timeless images, capturing relationship, portraying the beauty of the American West, and preserving the rural lifestyle that I live is so important to me.
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