Ranching is generational, the way you bring up your children horseback, the way they watch the gate with Grandpa, and deliver lunch to the crew riding shotgun in Grandma's pickup.

Roping with your spouse is something few in this world will ever get to do all the while your sitting on a horse you started yourself.  


These days need to be captured, the story of your life, the heritage, the life and legacies, and the grass that's taking root once the sun starts to shine in the Spring. This life you have made for yourself, the one where you listen to your horse eat his grain before you tighten your cinch for the day. Stacking dallies on your saddle horn like it's nothing, because you've done it countless times. 


I want to capture the relationship and the need your family has for this land, the generations of your livestock,  and this history you're creating every single day. 

Ranch & Western Lifestyle Sessions

starting at $450.00

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