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Jordan Glause is known for leaving her tracks throughout the Wyoming sage and pine, both as a full-time hunting guide and day working cowgirl.  She follows her dogs in pursuit of Mountain Lion in rugged country in the winter, and in the spring you can find her with her trusty horse “Lobo,” assisting her husband on the calving ground.

Born in California, Jordan grew up watching her Dad start outside horses, as she sat with her Mom on the back porch of the home she spent her younger years growing up in.

Jordan is the oldest of many siblings, including several special needs children (all of which hold a very special place in her heart) that her parents have adopted throughout the years.  The women in her life that raised her (her Mother, and her two Grandmothers) are strong willed, and show love and kindness to others.  Jordan took this to heart, and lives in breathes by that which was shown to her.  It’s a beautiful combination, the people that raised her. 

Jordan moved to Wyoming with her family when she was in her teens, and then after graduating high school in 2007; married her best friend Kody in the summer of 2010.  The two have created an amazing life, family, and business together, and have done so, side by side. The two welcomed their first child in 2018, Jaycie Jean.


As a team, the two sort cows in the alley, rope in the branding pen, and doctor steers; and still hold hands at the end of the day. In the fall, you can find them packing out elk, and calling each other for backup after a successful hunt.  The two have experienced sitting under a treed lion when their young pups have turned into mature dogs, and they have experienced success, as well as defeat; together.

Jordan hasn’t always been with a camera by her side, but they say you photograph the things you love; and so she fell in love with the landscapes of Wyoming, calloused hands, faces that tell a story, and the working cowboy and cowgirl.  Her passion is life and legacies, handy horses and the character of the people that use them.