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 I wake up every day captivated and surrounded by the beauty of this amazing country.  I’ve been chasing sunsets and turquoise beads for over a decade now. Much of it has been from the back of good horses while day working for local ranches. My inspiration comes from the humblest of things.  The sagebrush in bloom makes me relax and pull up on my reins just to take in the scent and scenery.

My husband that I’ve been working side by side with for the last ten years pushes me to create, to grow as a hunting guide, and cowboy-girl. Our sweet girl is always up for adventure but is sure to stop and explore everything in her view. This lifestyle, the one where families, friends and neighbors work together, is one I’ve been living for so long now. From wall tents in the fall, to mountain top winters, and saddling horses to gather cows to calve in the spring. This my life.

Throughout the years I’ve chased opportunities to work with small businesses on custom content creation for their brands, both online and social media using my photography. I love portrait work, including High School Seniors. That time is such a turning point in a young adult’s life, and I love nothing more than to create a custom session that fit the lifestyle and interests of each individual. At the end of the day, I'm a photographic storyteller, and I'd love to tell yours. 

I've been creating jewelry throughout the years on windy winter days, and I love seeing people wearing it when I'm out and about in town. Bringing western prints, canvases, and décor into the home will bring you an inspiring feeling of the rawness, beauty, and the heritage of ranching through my work.

I would love to work with you, creating a session for you, or  bring timeless images portraying the American West to your home or business.

I'm so glad you're here!

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